Our 4 Ps:
Principles, Processes, People, & Products

Our Principles are our Philosopher’s Stone — that which we use to turn your grime into peace-of-mind gold for you and ourselves.

Having Principles guarantees absolutely nothing, of course. Only to the extent that we live, eat, sleep and breathe them do they meaning anything at all.

That we do, in fact, live, eat, sleep and breathe our Principles is a direct result of making them the basis for all our hiring, on-boarding, training and procedural systems.

Building systems for every process big and small is a huge pain in the neck in the short run. However, in the long run, having principles and systems in place takes away the vast majority of the headaches for YOU and our management.

The essence of our company – comes in the translation of our purpose and core values into the very fabric of the organization — into goals, strategies, tactics, policies, processes, cultural practices, management behaviors, building layouts, pay systems, accounting systems, job design — into everything that we do.

Our Principles

Our Purpose beyond making money:

To leverage the power of high-quality systems to create high-qulity results in the lives of our unappreciated mom clients. And, in doing so, turn our client’s grime into peace of mind for them and ourselves.

Our Core Values:

  • Peace of mind
  • Being real
  • Having fun
  • Making money
  • Helping out

Our Philosophy of Work and Life

Experiencing peace and prosperity — nothing less than freedom — comes from paying attention to the details of our lives.

Control is a good thing; orderliness and attention to detail are the roots of peace of mind.

It’s what one DOES that counts; good intentions and positive attitude are not enough.

Quality service is the result of quality systems.

Maxims concerning our Clients

“Life is too short to put up with cleaning your own home.”

“Life is too short to put up with unreliable cleaning service.”

Maxims concerning our Cleaners

“Life is too short to clean for the wrong cleaning service.”

“Life is too short to clean for the wrong clients.”

Maxims concerning our Management

“Life is too short to put up managing an unreliable cleaning service.”

“Life is too short to put up with having the wrong clients.”

Our Processes

Beyond making money, we exist to “work” our systems to perfection in order to create high-quality results that promote greater peace of mind for our mom clients and ourselves.

By leveraging the power of our systems, we help our unappreciated mom clients to gain greater control of the circumstances of their lives so that they can experience:

  • More personal time,
  • Suck less, every day,
  • More energy,
  • Better physical health,
  • More emotional serenity and
  • Stronger relationships

While enjoying the benefits that come with having a sparkling clean, healthier, more comfortable home environment.

Our “Hive-Mind” Mindset:

The crystal clear internal understanding of the mechanical way the things of this world operate.

“The world is a collection of logical systems.”

“Systems make up your life; they are what create your results in your life.”

“Seeing the systems around you is the first and most significant step.”

“Internalize the mindset.”

Our “Hive-Mind” Methodology:

The mechanical process of establishing goals and then perfecting the systems that will help attain those goals.

“Work the system.”

“Get the job done.”


“Find the simplest solution.”

While we borrowed shamelessly from the ideas espoused by authors Jim Collins and Jerry Porras for our principles-based approach, we are equally indebted to author Sam Carpenter for our systems-based orientation.

Our People

Systems, Systems, Systems

We had a choice: cleaning technicians could either be the most fantastic part of a cleaning business or the bane of your existence and ours. We chose the former.

It’s taken quite a bit of work, but now our purpose and core values are oozing out of every pore of every inch of the organization. All sorts of systems — like hiring, training, testing, on-boarding, quality control, etc. — are saving not only our sanity but our clients’ sanity as well.

You see, without interlocking systems in place we would be playing Whac-A-Mole all day long — just like the vast majority of home cleaning services do. Ugh.

We’ve found that while ideal employee candidates are very much attracted to our culture, candidates who don’t fit in are turned off by it. Even when someone who does not fit in slips through the cracks, they quickly deselect themselves from the team.

We select, train, on-board and manage our professional home cleaners as though our business depends on them (it certainly does). We train and treat them significantly better than most of our competitors. We have much low turnover among our maids and that translates into better service for you (and higher profits for us).

Vetting, Training, and On-Boarding

The vetting process does not stop with checking past employment references, driving records, criminal backgrounds, and doing drug testing. It can take up to an additional three months before a new employee is officially “hired.” In order to maintain an across-the-board constancy of high-quality standards, it requires a number of weeks of both classroom and on-the-job training to mold a new individual into a worthy home cleaner.

Throughout the span of their employment, our cleaners are enveloped by a culture that values them and that lives, eats, sleeps, and breathes its purpose and core values.

Along the way, our employees enjoy:

  • Receiving higher pay for the superior work they do,
  • Being part of an organization that sincerely values them, and
  • Learning not only their jobs better but how to apply systems in ways that produce better results in their lives and in our clients’ lives.

We are indebted to author Mike Campion for his approach to people management. Mr. Campion himself is deeply indebted to Jim Collins, Jerry Porras and Sam Carpenter.

Our Products

Why pay someone to introduce potentially harmful pollutants into your home?

Live In A Cleaner, Less Toxic Home Environment

Unlike many well-meaning “green” home cleaning services and solo cleaners,1 we absolutely do not introduce harmful substances into your home:

  • No toxic residues left on surfaces
  • No air pollutants
  • No ingestible toxins
  • No harmful chemical interactions
  • No acute exposures
  • No toxicities with long-term health effects

Better than 99% of the time, we’ll use engineered water to clean your home.

Engineered water is simply water that has been modified in some way for cleaning purposes.

It comes in different forms. Most of the time, the type of engineered water we use is ordinary tap water mixed with salt that has been electrolyzed to make cleaning and sanitizing solutions. It’s the safest cleaner known today.

The other type of engineered water we use is steam: vaporized water used to kill and remove mold from your bathroom tile.

We’re one of only a handful of home cleaning services in the country that currently uses engineered water, the most green “green” cleaner available today.

That’s because the technology that generates it is still quite expensive.

We’ve made the investment to buy the technology to make our own e-water because the non-toxicity claims of even “green certified” cleaners can be unreliable.

Alarming levels of undisclosed toxic and hazardous ingredients have been found in many so-called green cleaners, including third-party certified green cleaners.2

So even if most of our clients do not value green cleaning per se, our use of it demonstrates to our own cleaners Alchemy Maids’s commitment to their health and safety. After all, they are the ones exposed to whatever cleaning solutions they use on a daily basis.

Learn more about House Cleaning With Engineered Water.

The Only Cleaning Products We Use:

  • Engineered Water
    • Our go-to cleaner (better than 95% of the time)
    • Safely cleans, degreases, & disinfects
  • Vaporized Water
    • Steam kills mold and removes mildew
  • Home-Made Concoctions
    • Like baking soda & vinegar

Because the actual toxicity levels in many so-called green cleaning products is ultimately unknowable (as far as the general public is concerned), Alchemy Maids has switched to being a house cleaning service using engineered water for the vast majority (about 99%) of house cleaning tasks.

Manufacturers can get away with not disclosing toxic and hazardous ingredients on their labels and MSDS sheets because “green” cleaning industry safety and sustainability claims are largely unregulated.

A manufacturer may market cleaning products as healthier, while still using toxic chemicals, and it’s totally legal.3

Alexandra Scranton, Director of Science and Research for Women’s Voices for the Environment

Some examples of substances found in third-party certified “green” cleaners:

  • Phenols: Extremely dangerous; supected carcinogen
  • Perchloroethylene: Damages liver, kidneys, nervous system
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate: Skin & eye irritant, potential carcinigen
  • Trichloroethane: Damages liver and kidneys

Engineered water:

  • Doesn’t need any third-part certification because it is just modified water (either electrolyzed or ozonated)
  • It’s only electrolyzed or ozonated water & doesn’t contain any additives
  • Reverts back to regular tap water as it cleans, degreases, & disinfects
  • Reverts back to regular tap water and, if ozonated, oxygen in it’s container