About Us

Meet Andrew Lagomarsino


Photo of “Younger Me”

Hi! I am Andrew, owner of Alchemy Maids and its “Chief Systems Architect.”

I want to thank you very much for visiting our website.

My main job is to ensure that our busy women clients — women like yourself — get the high-level cleaning results and service they deserve.

Hiring a consistent, reliable, secure maid service with high attention to detail can be a real boon to the lives of busy women in terms of helping them experience:

  • More personal time,
  • More energy,
  • Better physical health,
  • More emotional serenity and
  • Stronger relationships

While enjoying the benefits that come with having a sparkling clean, healthier, more comfortable home environment.

Being that company — that helps busy moms achieve these ends — is our main goal.

We do it by leveraging the power of high-quality systems to create high-quality results for our clients and ourselves.

As Chief Systems Architect, I not only build and maintain our company’s systems but also make sure that our cleaners are enveloped by a culture that values them as people and that lives, eats, sleeps, and breathes its purpose and core values.

Our Purpose

To leverage the power of high-quality systems to create high-quality results in the lives of our busy women clients. And, in doing so, turn our client’s grime into peace of mind for them and ourselves.

Our Core Values

  • Peace of mind
  • Being real
  • Having fun
  • Making money
  • Helping out

Growing up as the sixth child, I had a unique perspective compared to my older siblings. Being the youngest and a bit more analytical, I exercised my ability to objectively observe the many healthy and dysfunctional aspects of my family.

One inescapable observation even then was how hard my mom worked daily to make a life for her family. And how unappreciated — among many other unpleasant emotions — she must have felt.

Anyway, building a maid service that focuses on busy women just seems like a natural thing to do.