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1. Choose your cleaning frequency.

2. Choose your cleaning package. Either our:

    Light Cleaning Package,

    Better Cleaning Package or

    Best Cleaning Package.

3. Get an estimate.

Our Money-Back-Plus-$100 Guarantee and our system-based cleaning processes apply to all cleaning services we provide.

Clients opting for our Best Cleaning Package enjoy periodic cleaning tasks done on a rotational basis. See below for more details.

  • One-Time Service

    We’re all about building strong relationships with ongoing clients and so we don’t do one-time cleanings because they are not worth the bother.

    Please give your one-time cleaning business to our competitors. With an industry average 55% client and 250% employee annual turnover, they need the work.

  • Repeat Service

    We’ll use nontoxic cleaners, including engineered water disinfectant and, if appropriate, water vapor to clean. That way we’ll be removing toxins and allergens and not adding pollutants to your home.

    First Visit: No periodic tasks are done. Extra time is spent cleaning your kitchen, bathrooms, and floors.

    Second Visit: We start periodic tasks on our second visit. One periodic task is done each visit until we have completed all of your choices and then we start them all over again.

    We keep a list of your periodic tasks on file to track them. You create your list of periodic cleaning tasks. Add, delete or make changes to the order in which they are performed any time you want. It’s up to you and totally customizable.

    If you want more than 1 task done on a visit, we have pricing for any additional task. Examples:

    • Wet wipe the inside of the refrigerator (you toss out what’s bad).
    • Wet wipe baseboards (can take 2 visits because it’s a large job).
    • Wet wipe door panels & frames.
    • Wet wipe window sills.
    • Clean insides of closets.
    • Empty fireplace.
    • Lemon oiling or damp wiping the kitchen cabinets.
    • Lemon oiling or damp wiping the bathroom cabinets.
    • Vacuum one room of upholstered furniture
    • Sweep patio or porch.
    • Wet wiping outside furniture (maximum 6 pieces).

Next step: contact us and get the ball rolling…

Please indicate number of bedrooms, baths, and — if at all possible — overall square footage. (Estimating cost using square footage is the most accurate way to price service.)

All estimates are made without actually seeing your home layout, size, level of cleanliness, clutter, etc. Although it doesn’t happen often, we reserve the right to adjust your pricing according to the actual condition of your home. And we would let you know prior to any work being done if that’s the case.